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Tech session, Industry review, and EQS walk around

Tech session, Industry review, and EQS walk around

Eastern Oklahoma
Tuesday, March 8, 2022 -
6:00pm to 7:30pm

Twenty-five members and guests attended a tech session and viewing of the new all-electric Mercedes Benz EQS on Tuesday March 8, 2022.  The dealership brought out senior leadership members Greg Kach, Ryan Knotts, Nizar Khaled, Alex Kach, Brandon Bebout, Mario Varon, and Dillon Cole to speak about various elements of performance.

The evening was kicked off with a presentation by Jackie Cooper Mercedes Benz Dealer Principal Greg Kach. Mr. Kach  led off with telling the group about the exciting new products coming for later in 2022 like the new C class and the new SL63 soft-top 4-seater.

In our last product and market overview three years ago, he told us to expect more change in the next five years than in the previous twenty-five years.  He restated that he “underestimated the change that has taken place in the past two years with Covid 19, a semi-conductor chip shortage, supply chain disruption, and $130/barrel oil.”   Demand is strong but supply is short.  “We are selling every car we can get”.  “We are trying to service our market area even though we are getting calls from outside the state from people looking to purchase all available inventory.”

In January, Jackie Cooper was  awarded the Mercedes Benz Best of the Best award for 2021, In February the Porsche Premier Dealer award, in March we expect to be awarded the Nissan top dealer award for the 17’th consecutive year, the Infiniti Award of Excellence making sure that the dealership has demonstrated outstanding customer sales and service.

Ryan Knotts spoke about the tremendous growth of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter line of commercial and recreational vans.   Last year a new service center was added, and the dealership has exceeded all expectations in sales and service.  “Every month we sold out of all available inventory to supply our market.” The dealership is building it preowned inventory to service the market.  “We are shipping in cars from all across the country like California, Milwaukee and Florida.” The dealership has added staff in sales, service, and concierge to handle the needs.

Alexandra Kach walked us through the key performance indicators for the Mercedes Benz Best of the Best Award.  “By 2025, Mercedes should have reached a target of  50% electrification.” Plans are for a EQB small SUV model by the end of 2022.  Also, an electric Sprinter van is coming.

Master Certified Mercedes Benz Technician Brandon Bebout led a very informative Q&A session with attendees  on technical issues such as tire rotation patterns, detailing tips, service intervals for standard A and B schedules, coolants, airbag replacements, and antilock brake systems.

Mario Varon and Dillon Cole performed a walk-around on the all-electric new EQS 450+ sedan.

We want to thank the entire Jackie Cooper organization for providing our membership a very thorough and worthwhile evening.

2022 Mercedes Benz EQS: The most luxurious EV yet

Electric cars have made a big splash over the last few years, but at the high-end, the Tesla Model S is still the electric car king. Finally, however, there's some competition at the top. The Mercedes EQS450+ is the first in Mercedes' EQ line of electric cars and has the luxury you would expect from a high-end Mercedes-Benz. Come see it now at the Jackie Cooper Mercedes Benz showroom.